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My Name is Rachel. 24 Year Old Child Care Teacher with not enough time on her hands. I ramble, I work, I write, I complain, I laugh, I cry, and I sleep.

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Anonymous said: Why are you so angry about JLaw's nudes being leaked? I thought you didn't like her.


  • i am angry because this is just another example of women being shamed for taking nudes instead of the douchebag who spreads them being shamed for violating someone’s privacy like that
  • i am angry because nobody deserves this, regardless of how i feel about their personality
  • i am angry because this is pure misogyny and shows how women aren’t respected in our culture
  • i am angry because she did not consent to having those pics posted everywhere but they still were
  • i am angry because on the VERY RARE occasion this happens to a male celeb he is not shamed but rather the perpetrator is and it’s forgotten quickly whereas this will haunt jennifer for years and years to come
  • i am angry because this was a sex crime and people are treating it like a joke
  • i am angry because she is being exploited/objectified and some gross dudebros are probably jacking off to those pics 
  • i am angry because people are CONGRATULATING the fucker who did such an atrocious thing to her instead of being appalled 

listen i may not like her personally but the fact remains that as a human being she is entitled to body autonomy and to choose who sees her naked body and who doesn’t 

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when ur going to the mall

and u actually have money


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If you say you’ve never bought clothes influenced by a fictional character youre lying

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literally me and iwanttogototheree

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file under “movies to watch when feeling sad”

no. walk to remember should not be on this list! 

thats filed under “movies to watch when you want to feel more sad and crawl into a hole.” 

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ugh i just saw a woman walking her enslaved dog (WITH A CHOKELEASH NO DOUBT) and stepping over all of my plantfriends! she even picked a white rose! SHE DECAPITATED MY FAMILY! white cishets will be the d*ath of me…

You are literally insane

LOL. Kim they called you an ableist. So. Does that mean otherkin is a disability? Hmm. 

Because being disabled. That’s real. People suffer from it. 

Otherkin is not one of these topics. So they should shut the fuck up. 

It’s disrespectful. 

hashtag the more you know.

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